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Welcome to The Frontier's working portfolio. A completed photo essay about behind-the-scenes professionals in museums, object and human study, and other projects are highlighted here.

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Photo Essay Project

Collections maintenance is an intriguing, behind-the-scenes world that requires initiative to establish the displays and upkeep in museums worldwide; the Buffalo Bill Center of the West is always working tirelessly to maintain collections and create an amazing experience for the visitor to appreciate history on an intimate level. This is an amazing untold story at the Center of the West. The team consists of five full-time staff members who manage and care for five museum collections in this 7-acre complex. People often wonder how many collections are on display. Jordan Davis, collections manager, has communicated that the museum only displays approximately a third of what is in a repository at any given time. It is interesting in knowing the size of the collection and is understandable the massive undertaking it is to prep just one item of thousands for showcase time upstairs.

By Kim Stambaugh

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