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Who is a 
rodeo queen?

Kim Zierlein | 4.8.2022


She is poise. She is elegance. She is a cowgirl.

Describing a Rodeo Queen

She is an ambassador. She is a knowledgeable public relations expert in the sport of rodeo. She is a role model for young women. She is forward-thinking for the sport of rodeo and its’ future.

A rodeo queen is available to the fans in sharing her knowledge and expertise with them to educate new sport’s enthusiasts on the intricacies of this western tradition. This young woman is required to know not just the sport, but current events and animal welfare facts in order to bridge the gap between the world and the sport of rodeo. With her ambassadorship she is creating common ground of appreciation and understanding from the arena floor to the top of the nosebleed bleacher seats.

Her smile, her fashion, her presence, her poise, and her cowgirl grit are all wrapped into one package representing contestants, rodeo committees, stock contractors, and paid rodeo personnel on an upfront platform for the sport.

She can take care of livestock, clean stalls, haul hay, but when it is time to put on her crown, carry flags, run a hot lap, or clear the arena; she cleans up and is poetic elegance a horseback.  


The History of Miss Rodeo America

The Cody Stampede Royalty program has been operating in conjunction with the Cody Stampede 4th of July Rodeo for decades. Many young women have been mentored through this program by some amazing advisors through the years. Cody, Wyoming boasts of two Miss Rodeo Wyoming winners. The state of Wyoming boasts the inaugural queen in the first Miss Rodeo America competition in 1956, Marilyn (Scott) Freimark.


The Cody Stampede Queen Committee

This program is to foster public relations skills for young women representing the Cody Stampede Rodeo in a dynamic court consisting of a junior princess, a senior princess, and a queen.

The Cody Stampede Royalty contest is held each year. Young ladies compete in horsemanship, rodeo knowledge, the ability to answer impromptu questions, and speak in public.  


Find us on Facebook at Miss Cody Stampede Royalty.
Cody Stampede Royalty Committee

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