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Personal Profile


Forged by the Frontier

I am on a journey to tell a story. 

Every story is worth telling.

Big or small...every moment adds to the masterpiece of it all.

Life itself is a "frontier" like no other. It is the only thing that can help you soar one minute, and shatter you the next. However, that is what makes it so beautiful. The imperfections of it reflect a life lived not just "Norman Rockwell Style," but truly a life felt for all its possibilities and downfalls. That is what makes a moment worth capturing. Where in that moment all of someone's or something's story is told.

Continuing my education at Penn State, I am wanting to inspire people by telling stories of the life all around us. The creation of my business was a passion birthed in 2011, and will take a lifetime to finish!



Penn State World Campus


Northwest College

2004 Graduate

Cody High School

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Journalism & Media

Accumulative GPA of 3.75 
Member of the Honor Society and recurring scholarship recipient.

Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design
Graduated in 2006

Consistent GPA of 3.8 | Treasurer of Phi Theta Kappa 
Courses & Training: Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration, Drawing, Printing Basics, Branding

Cody High School

Consistent GPA of 3.9

Yearbook Editor 2003-2004

Yearbook Assitant Editor 2002-2003

Literary Magazine Editor 2003

Yearbook Photographer 2002-2004

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